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Participating in the benchmarks

Do you want to know how the environmental performance of your building compares with other similar buildings? The latest benchmarks are freely available, easy to use, and further benefits are available to companies that participate.

One way to get involved is to join the BBP. Members of the partnership supply data and also receive tailored reports specific to their portfolios.

Alternatively, you can participate directly in the Real Estate Environmental Benchmark without becoming a BBP member.  A range of services are available including tailored reports specific to participants' portfolios and confidential presentations.  Current participants find these useful to help understand how their portfolio(s) and properties compare to their peers', giving them an indication of the success of their strategy.

A number of existing JLL clients benefit from this type of industry comparison as part of the strategic advice we give to them. For example, we can:

1.    Benchmark your performance, and the performance of individual properties, against your own portfolio and your peers
2.    Identifying key areas for improvement
3.    Assess your performance against any targets you may have set and against longer term goals (either your own, national and/or international targets), which could be used in your public disclosure.

To find out more about the Real Estate Environmental Benchmark, how to join, or how we can help you make your property more efficient and cost effective, please get in touch.