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Philip is a Chartered Surveyor with over 30 years of experience in alternative assets. Starting in the leisure and tourism sector, for much of his career Philip has focused on the developing healthcare sector. Whilst operating predominantly in the UK, he also provides consultancy advice internationally. In 2011/12 much of Philip's work involved restructuring Southern Cross and its legacy. He was a member of its landlord committee which steered the wind up of the company and the successful transfer of residents and staff to new operators. More recently he has advised landlords, lenders and operators on lease and loan restructuring, capital expenditure programmes and turnaround strategies. He works closely with JLL's Corporate Finance team on disposals and acquisitions, projects including Caring Homes, Richmond Villages and Canford Care. Philip's extensive experience in the sector means that he is often sought out to provide independent valuation advice on complex cases which involve portfolios of properties and specialist healthcare businesses.