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Projects and Track Record

​​JLL has a strong track record in advising on Olympic and sporting infrastructure related projects.

For Beijing 2008, JLL helped deliver a sustainable legacy for China. From working with the Chinese government on their Olympic vision, to contributing to more than 45 million sq ft of Olympics-related properties, including the “Bird’s Nest” national stadium, the Olympic Village and International Convention Centre, we helped produce an unforgettable games.

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Olympic Village, Beijing 2008
With a land area of 27.5 hectares, the Olympic Village, located inside the Olympic Green, accommodated 17,600 athletes, coaches and sports officials in over 2,000 fully furnished apartments. Through several rigorous competitions, Beijing Guoao Investment & Development Co Ltd, who was responsible for the development and construction of Olympic Village, awarded JLL one-stop consulting services for this project.

Our scope of services included market research, a product optimisation proposal, marketing plan design and execution and investment consulting.

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International Convention Centre, Beijing 2008
The convention centre project was a significant part of the projects for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It has become a world-class convention centre with advanced auxiliary facilities located in the Olympic Green with a total area of 12.21 hectares. The floor area of the convention centre is 350,000 sq m and auxiliary facilities including hotel, apartment, office building and retail shops are connected to the convention and exhibition parts. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the exhibition hall hosted table tennis, pentathlon, fencing, and wrestling and badminton games.

Part of the convention centre was the International Broadcasting Centre
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and General News Centre. Initially, JLL provided bidding consulting services to the investment Syndicate led by North Star Group, a large state-owned investment group. Subsequently we were instructed to provide a complete consultancy service for North Star as the project went into construction.

For London, our involvement was extensive.Our role included advising the bidding company through to selecting partners and purchasers for venues, as well as legacy development opportunities.

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Lower Lea Valley Regeneration Strategy - Bidding Stage
JLL advised the London Development Agency (LDA) and its stakeholder partners on the investment framework for the Lower Lea Valley (LLV) Regeneration Strategy. Our advice related initially to a non-Olympic scenario for the area and subsequently related the Regeneration Strategy with the London 2012 Olympic bid. Our advice focused on understanding the commercial and financial viability for regeneration across a large range of c.115 sites throughout the area and informed the LDA’s understanding of the development capacity of the sites, the relationship between new Olympic infrastructure and the requirements for legacy development and the viability for delivery. (read more)

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, including architects, masterplanners and engineering consultants, we advised on the development use and quantum. We created a bespoke financial model to test the financial viability of development scenarios. In particular, we worked with the Local Authorities to determine likely affordable housing scenarios and additional planning contributions. Our analysis identified the relationship between development outputs, value creation and infrastructure investment.

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Olympic Stadium Legacy, London 2012 - Bid
We were asked by the LDA to review the legacy options for an Olympic Stadium in London in support of the London 2012 Olympic Bid. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, including the Stadium designers, masterplanners and engineering consultants, as well as the LDA and the bid team, we had responsibility for testing the viability of a range of legacy uses for the stadium itself as well as associated commercial, civic and mixed-use options. Our analysis focused around the need to maintain the area as a destination after the Olympics to support athletics and a range of commercial activity needed to ensure viability for a long-term sports legacy.

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Stratford City including the Olympic Village, London
We were appointed as development advisers to a joint venture on the creation of a ‘metropolitan centre’ for east London at Stratford. At 50 ha, Stratford is one of London’s largest strategic development opportunities, with excellent existing and proposed transport infrastructure. The masterplan is for a 1.4 million sq m mixed use development. We undertook a detailed market analysis to identify potential for office, hotel and retail space to inform the development plan.

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Olympic Strategy and Regeneration - Post London Win
The LTGDC required advice to support the development of a framework for their investment and business plan decisions for the Olympic Development and Implementation Strategy for the Lower Lea Valley (LLV) which comprises approximately 250 hectares of developable land stretching from Hackney Wick in the north to the River Thames in the south. JLL was appointed and our advice involved understanding the overall financial implication of delivering the Olympic and regeneration vision for the LLV, the identification of sites where interventions could be made that would have a significant impact in achieving the regeneration objectives for the LLV, (read more)

implications of affordable housing policies and an assessment of market demand. Our analysis focused around providing high level financial advice of the overall LLV regeneration strategy together with market demand assessment for the uses proposed as well as advice on the affordable housing policies and their impact on the delivery of the regeneration strategy.

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International Broadcast Centre / Media Press Centre, London 2012
We were instructed by the Olympic Development Authority to advise on the process to select a joint venture partner for the delivery of the International Broadcast Centre and the Main Press Centre for the 2012 Games. This included awarding both the contract for the construction of a compliant IBC / MPC scheme for the Games Mode, and a viable and deliverable conversion of the buildings to a Legacy. We assisted the ODA through a four-stage marketing process including assessment of the financial bids, clarification meetings with bidders and evaluating the bids on a pre-agreed evaluation matrix. A preferred development partner, Carillion, delivered the IBC / MPC.

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Temporary Properties for London 2012
JLL was instructed to assist with sourcing a number of temporary facilities to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. We assembled a multidisciplinary team with in-depth acquisition experience in Data Centres, Industrial Distribution and Offices / Business Space and some more unusual requests for performance space. (read more)

The space was required from July 2009 resulting in strict timescales and we recommended market analysis, property searches, selection / feasibility process, technical consultation, planning assessment and due diligence. Our strong East London presence and unrivalled local market experience and knowledge was harnessed to achieve successful results within the timescale required.

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