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Olympics Legacy Map

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Legacy Developments - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

As well as being the centre point of the 2012 games, the Olympic Park and the developments set within it make up part of a broader unfolding legacy story. Post the games, the Olympic Park has become a new visitor destination and community park, unlike any other in the UK.

The construction of five new neighbourhoods will see up to 8,000 homes being built around the Park by 2030. Planned around pocket parks and squares, these neighbourhoods will feel like a 21st century version of London's terraced streets.

With family homes making up 70% of the available housing, the new neighbourhoods have catered for all requirements of a growing family, providing play areas, schools, nurseries, community spaces, health centres and shops, with places to relax, play and exercise all within easy walking distance.

Explore the venues below to find out more:​

Olympic Stadium Velodrome Aquatics Centre Cultural Education District ArcelorMittal Tower Athletes Village Basketball Arena Copper Box River Bank Press and Media Centre River Bank View Wider Developments

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