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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Impact on demand: How has the wider East London area changed?

Sustainable development and regeneration: Did London do enough?

When we assessed the London Olympic Games’ performance back in 2012 in the report Gold, Silver or Bronze its development performed exceedingly well against JLL's Catalysts for Sustainable Neighbourhood Development ©.​

Four years on, has the regeneration of the Olympic Park and wider East London area maintained a sustainable approach to development?

With a plethora of major regeneration schemes underway, new retail and sporting facilities, opportunities to learn sustainability lessons from the Olympic Games are abound.

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The catalysts for sustainable neighbourhood development:

  1. A vision which is memorable
  2. Engagement which influences design and enables sustainable outcomes
  3. Leadership which thinks long term
  4. A governance structure which works

    5.  Targets and KPI's which are
    6.  Transparent communication of 
          successes and failures
    7.  Consistent use of sustainability
         standards and ratings
    8.   A culture of constant innovation


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