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City needs transport solutions more quickly than planned

says Jeff Pearey, head of Jones Lang LaSalle's North East region.

Leeds, 13 July 2102 - Coming some five years after plans were first discussed, Leeds is set to become the first UK city to get a modern trolleybus, albeit work isn’t due to start until 2016 and we are told will be completed in 2018 says Jeff Pearey, head of Jones Lang LaSalle's North East region.
As a businessman marketing Leeds and the wider Yorkshire region to potential property occupiers and investors, the city’s attractiveness as a location for business and investment are vital.
The trolleybus proposals come at a time when significant and exciting property schemes in the city, such as Trinity Leeds and the Leeds Arena, are being developed and as such any steps to improve our local connectivity and help to tackle road congestion should be welcomed.
Evidently it will be about another six years before we will see trolleybuses in Leeds so there is much water to pass under the bridge just yet.

Naturally I will remain a little sceptical until formalised plans are announced.

While many observers debate the merits of an electric trolleybus versus that of supertram, it is paramount that funding and investment to develop the region’s travel infrastructure continues and that we do not go back to the drawing board yet again.

The longer term growth of the city region is dependent on Leeds and the region’s current and future population having access to a first-class public transport system