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Jones Lang LaSalle’s chairman of Planning and Development reacts to confirmed government changes of use from office space to housing

London, 28th January, 2013 – Last week the government confirmed that it will allow changes from offices to housing without the need for planning permission, commonly known as 'permitted development'.

The permitted change will come into effect from Spring 2013 and apply for 3 years.
Jeff Field, chairman of Planning and Development at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: 'We are pleased with the government being positive about the planning system and how it operates. However, we fear for the unintended consequences that could result from these new proposals.”
“The introduction of these new rights illustrate both a panic on the economy and a loss of patience with the local authorities. In many cases, the new powers will turn planning policies on their head.”
“The 3 year limit, restrictions to Class B1(a) only, how and where the rights might apply will all cause issues.”
Jeff Field continues: “Local authorities unhappy with the proposals which are unsuccessful in trying to achieve exemptions, may try other routes to frustrate, all leading to uncertainty.”

“Some of us who recall the creation of the combined B1 class know how the property market is going to respond.”