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News Release


JLL Scotland welcomes recommendations for new era of rating

Following publication of the Barclay Review

SCOTLAND, August 22, 2017 – Following the publication of the Report of the Barclay Review of Non-Domestic Rates, Niall Rankin, Lead Director for Rating in Scotland at JLL said:

"We broadly welcome the recommendations detailed within the Report of the Barclay Review and hope that The Scottish Government will take these proposals forward to promote business growth and investment in Scotland.

The headline recommendation to adopt a three-year rating cycle has been eagerly anticipated and has widespread support from the Scottish Assessors and ratepayers' advisers. If the antecedent valuation date was to move to one year prior to the valuations coming into effect it could make the whole system much more responsive to what is an ever-changing property market in Scotland.

"The very purpose of a revaluation is to fairly distribute the rates burden and the extension of the 2010 revaluation to a 7-year has been felt by significant shifts in rates liabilities. The current rating system in Scotland is notoriously unresponsive to change; appeals on the grounds of material change of circumstances are only granted in the most extreme circumstances. With this in mind, we fully welcome the recommendation to move to a three year cycle.

"The decision to use a multiplier based on CPI rather than RPI will make Scotland a more attractive place to do business and drive economic growth, by better reflecting the economic reality in the rates system. Over the last twenty years statistics show that a multiplier based on CPI would have provided a far more stable multiplier as opposed to RPI which has been subject to more extreme fluctuations. In addition, it will align proposed change of policy with England.

We hope that The Scottish Government will implement these recommendations in order to promote business growth and investment in Scotland"

The full report can be accessed here