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News Release

JLL responds to electric vehicle, social care and housing announcements in the Queen’s Speech

LONDON, 21 June 2017 – Commenting on the announcement that a bill will be introduced to stimulate more electric vehicles on the road, Paul Gallagher, Consultant in JLL’s Automotive team, said: “Last year there were over 78,000 electric vehicles registered for the first time, yet infrastructure has yet to keep up with the steady growth of a new generation of cars on our roads. Our latest research shows that 75% of car parks have no charging points for electric cars. This injection of investment by the Government will clearly help facilitate this growth and we wait to hear more details. In the property sphere landlords, retailers and investors also need to recognise the opportunities that providing the right infrastructure can bring. For instance, having charging points will also increase dwell time in shopping centres or other locations as consumers buy that extra coffee or pop into another shop while they wait for their car to charge.”
On social care, Eamonn Meadows, Associate Director in JLL’s Healthcare team, commented: “The diluting of the controversial manifesto pledges on social care to a consultation may come as little surprise given the damage they are perceived to have done to the Conservatives during the election. The consultation paper is to be welcomed but action is required sooner rather than later in order to reform funding of social care in order to meet escalating pressures from the aging population.

“Recent JLL research suggests that by 2040 the number of older people predicted to have dementia is expected to double, increasing by nearly 875,000. Clearly there will be associated growth in demand for services across the health and social care sector. Retirement housing has an important role to play in relieving some of the pressures in the sector and JLL hopes that the consultation paper will also address the barriers to dramatically increasing the supply of new housing stock for older people to help meet this challenge.”

On the announcement of a Tenants’ Fees Bill, Lucy Morton, Head of Residential Agency at JLL, said: “Charges made by Letting Agents to Tenants at the commencement of their Tenancies should have been levied only to cover reasonable administration and referencing costs. However this has been abused by some Agents who have been overcharging for their gain and to the detriment of Tenants so the Government has now acted and banned Letting Agents from making these charges.

“Reasonable charges including referencing costs may now be charged to Landlords which in turn may then be added to the annual rent. It is essential that Agents do not cut corners and fail to carry out stringent referencing checks.

At JLL, we have always advocated complete transparency of all charges made by Agents to both Landlords and Tenants".