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News Release

JLL responds to Prime Minister’s announcement on Article 50 being triggered

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 - Commenting on the Prime Minister’s triggering of Article 50, JLL UK CEO Chris Ireland said: “The Prime Minister’s desire to form a deep and special partnership with the EU and her focus on driving a bold free trade agreement is of course to be welcomed. However, this could be a long and winding negotiation period for the property industry and wider businesses. Many issues need to be ironed out when it comes to withdrawing from the EU, from the transposing of planning laws and the cost of labour and construction materials through to the UK’s stake in the European Investment Bank.

“We believe that London and the UK’s transparent legal structure and tax system will continue to be a draw for inward investment as evidenced by the recent commitment from Qatar for £5 billion of investment into the UK. Of course the devil is very much in the detail,. but Businesses have a key role to play in being ambassadors for UK PLC during negotiations maintaining confidence in the market during the transition period and continuing to attract and guide investment.”