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JLL’s UK CEO comments on the Government's Brexit white

​LONDON, 3 February, 2017 - Commenting on the UK Government's white paper outlining its plan for withdrawal from the EU, Chris Ireland UK CEO at JLL,said: “The 'Brexit plan’ certainly doesn’t lack in ambition. The Prime Minister has set out a vision of an independent nation developing and forging trade and investment links across the globe, but the proof will ultimately be in the pudding. The white paper states that post Brexit, the UK will build on London’s current status as one of the leading global cities for attracting investment through boosting trade and opening markets. A lot of this will also depend on the status the UK enjoys within the EU alongside London’s natural attractions of a transparent legal structure and tax system, so it’s important that the UK negotiating team doesn’t throw the baby out with the single market bathwater. Ahead of hard negotiations, it’s essential that businesses are consulted to ensure that the Prime Minister fights for the best possible deal for businesses to thrive and for investors to have confidence in the UK’s future.”