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CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme League Table published today

Jones Lang LaSalle gives houseview

The final CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme league table was published today.

Commenting on the release, Abigail Dean, Director, Upstream Sustainability Services at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: “As expected, there were significant moves up and down the table for real estate companies. Churn in portfolio, rather than energy efficiency practices was always going to be the major driver in league table position for this sector.”

Abigail Dean continued: “Jones Lang LaSalle is, however, pleased to note that many of its clients have seen positive moves up the CRC League Table, with good energy management practices yielding positive results, particularly where portfolios have remained relatively static.
Abigail Dean concluded: “This final league table demonstrates the difficulty of meaningfully ranking a diverse set of organisations from a range of sectors – with the property sector particularly difficult to assess in this way due to portfolio changes. However, whilst the league table in its current form was not an effective tool it will be a shame to lose this talking point. The public ranking of organisations certainly does  provoke action and interest!”