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News Release

JLL Healthcare comments on Theresa May’s mental health reform speech

​9th January 2017 - Commenting on today’s speech on mental health policy by the Prime Minister, Emma Glynn, Director in JLL’s Healthcare team, said: “Today’s pledge by the PM to overhaul mental health services in the UK should be welcomed as a step in the right direction for the sector. The focus on employers as well as providers of services and schools as well as an increased focus on community care and the reallocation of funds for online services are all helpful steps in the right direction. There is however still far more to be done to tackle the effects of long term underinvestment in mental health services in the UK.

“There has been a significant long term reduction in the number of psychiatric beds in England resulting both from the need to replace old and unsuitable stock, together with a move from large outdated hospitals to smaller purpose built premises. This is in addition to systemic transformation including the development of specialist community teams, which promised to reduce demand on inpatient services.

“Demand is outstripping supply for urgent care in mental health services with the lack of beds having an adverse effect on the completion of assessments for people detained in places of safety and an increase in patients being transferred to facilities outside their area, sometimes hundreds of miles away. Whilst today’s announcement marks another positive step in the Government’s ambition for parity between mental and physical health, the lack of commitment for additional funding continues to cause significant concern for the sector.”