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News Release

JLL Healthcare comments on ONS figures on healthy life expectancy

November 30th 2016 – Commenting on new figures released from the ONS on healthy life expectancy, Eamonn Meadows, Associate Director in JLL’s Alternatives team, commented: “The latest data release from the ONS today shows that whilst life expectancy has risen for both men and women since 2009, a healthy life expectancy has not kept pace. This continued trend is one of the underlying causes of rising demand for health and social care services amongst the older generation, which has led to widespread pressures within the sector. This is being felt most acutely within the NHS and will only get worse without an injection of funding into the social care sector as the number over 75s increases five times faster than the overall population by 2029.

“Housing wealth and ownership is at an all-time high for over 75 year olds and is set to increase further in the next decade. Due to stringent eligibility criteria set by local government, many people will not be entitled to public sector funding and will have to pay for their own care. With a stark undersupply of high quality nursing homes and retirement housing with care, this presents a considerable opportunity for independent sector providers to deliver attractive, modern and aspirational properties aimed at both the mid and luxury markets.”