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News Release

JLL comments on NCP announcement to widen car parking bays

21st November 2016 - Commenting on the announcement that NCP will be widening car spaces, Paul Gallagher, car parking consultant in JLL's Alternatives team, said: "The ageing stock of car parks means that spaces are lagging behind the development of new cars which have grown in size. The standard accepted size of 4.8 x 2.4m hasn’t changed for over 30 years. Some operators have reduced 3 spaces to 2 to allow for this change and in car parks with spare capacity, impact on income by increasing space sizes whilst reducing space numbers will be minimal.

"It isn't just the size of cars that are changing though, but the technology. Car parks will also have to evolve to allow for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging as numbers of these vehicles is increasing rapidly. Operators that look ahead to evolution of new technologies will be seizing the opportunity to make sure that their assets are future proofed."