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News Release

JLL comments on Theresa May's speech to CBI conference

​21st November 2016 - Commenting on Theresa May's speech to the CBI conference, Chris Ireland, JLL UK CEO said: "It's welcome news that the Prime Minister has recognised the importance of investing in research, development and innovation to ensure the UK economy is the most competitive it can be. However it's crucial that this funding is also directed to helping to develop innovation hubs and new technologies.

"The UK has historically been a very successful innovator but has sometimes struggled to bring products to the market effectively. By bringing business together with universities and start-up entrepreneurs, innovation hubs can start to overcome this problem, which can also help address Britain's weak productivity levels."

"We also need investment in digital infrastructure to ensure that all parts of the country can access high speed internet. This will particularly help the growth of small and medium sized companies that we know are very often the incubators of innovation."