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News Release


Drone deliveries – a flight of fancy?

Estates Gazette

​Jon Sleeman, EMA head of industrial and logistics at JLL, said: “I think there’s less cynicism now than there had been. Without regulatory change, nothing is possible, but the government’s readiness to look at it is a significant step. Everything’s still open to debate, but if deliveries were restricted to 10 miles, you’d have to put in place a significant number of warehouses and launch points. The current trend, is for huge national and regional supersheds, whereas in a drone-served world, any large conurbation would require several smaller warehouses dotted around its outskirts. That is workable – there are empty DIY stores and big-box units around most cities. But it would all cost. If more warehouses were needed, it could be an opportunity for the industrial market. It could bring into demand any suitable sites with a well-populated catchment area. We know that a van can do multiple drops in a day – potentially a hundred in an eight-hour shift. What’s the most that a drone could do in the same time? At the moment, it’s probably more economical by van.”

~ By Neil Tague