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News Release

JLL Healthcare comments on Care Quality Commission report findings

​13 October 2016 - Commenting on the findings of the Care Quality Commission’s ‘State of Care’ report, Phil Hall, Chairman of JLL’s Healthcare team, said: “The Government needs to take action to address the shortfall in social care funding. An ageing population is bringing into sharp relief the gap between those who can afford their own care and those who can’t, and it is leading to a highly polarised market.

“Our own recent analysis of data from across the sector showed that there is an increasingly widening gap between the private pay market and the socially funded market. Private payers increasingly subsidising those funded by social services. This is both unfair and unsustainable.

“As care providers increasingly withdraw from local authority contracts, so pressures on the NHS increase, as evidenced by the rise in delayed discharges and hospital emergency re-admissions. Local authorities may be saving money but at huge cost to the NHS.

“To avoid this distressing merry go round the elderly awaiting discharge from hospital need proper care plans which are properly funded. If local authorities are unable or unwilling to do this then the responsibility should be transferred back to the NHS. This would at least avoid the current budgetary pass the parcel and ensure the focus is on safe and effective care - which of course comes at a price!”