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News Release

JLL’s Higher Education team comments on plans to increase medical school places

4th September 2016 - Commenting on plans outlined by health secretary Jeremy Hunt to increase the number of medical school places, Robert Kingham, Director in JLL’s Higher Education team, said: “An increase of 1,500 medical students per year in 2018 gives universities just under two years to provide the infrastructure needed to enable that to happen.

“While Universities have to accommodate year-to-year fluctuations in student numbers in the majority of their subjects, medical schools are not designed to cope with this. This is due to the Government capping medical student numbers meaning that their intake is exactly the same year on year.

“The sector will need to act fast to respond and will have to find nearly 25,000 sq m of additional space to accommodate this sharp growth. Some of this could be through repurposing existing buildings but building this quantum of space from scratch might cost upwards of £100 million. More student housing will also need to be provided.

“There are 34 medical schools in the UK and it is unlikely that all of them will be able to respond to this growth in the timescale. Many will find it impractical. This will means that we are likely to see a small number of these universities taking the lion’s share of this growth.”