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News Release


Changes to Scottish EPC Regulations

Section 63 of the Scottish Climate Change Act 2009 being implemented today

SCOTLAND, 1 September 2016  - The Scottish EPC Regulations change today (1 September 2016), with Section 63 of the Scottish Climate Change Act 2009 being implemented by the Scottish Government. The Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016 requires building owners to assess the carbon and energy performance of their large, non-domestic buildings and to identify improvements.

The legislation captures existing buildings (or units within a building) which are over 1,000 m² and are either sold or leased to a new tenant (i.e. it excludes renewals). Building owners will now need to produce an Action Plan, which sets energy and carbon targets and identifies energy improvement opportunities. The Action Plan must be implemented over a three and a half year period, unless the owner defers by reporting annual operation operational energy use through a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

Niall Robertson, Director, Building Consultancy at JLL said:

"The implementation of the new EPC Regulations is designed to achieve the Scottish Government's target of achieving an 80% reduction in Scotland's emissions by 2050 and a 42% reduction by 2020.

"Building owners should consider how these regulations may impact on their property values and readiness for sale. Our Building Consultancy team can offer an EPC uprating service and can help implement recommendations from the Action Plan."

Under the updated EPC Regulations, a Section 63 Advisor will calculate energy improvement targets for the building from seven prescribed measures:

  1. Draught-stripping windows and doors
  2. Upgrading lighting controls
  3. Adding central timer controls to the heating system
  4. Adding insulation to hot-water storage cylinders
  5. Improving lighting by replacing inefficient lamps
  6. Improving insulation in poorly insulated roofs
  7. Replacing the boiler if it is older than 15 years

There are a number of exclusions from the regulations, including:

•    Buildings (or units) which meet 2002 Building Standards
•    Buildings which do not require an EPC
•    Lease renewals and short-term leases of less than 16 weeks

A detailed guidance document can also be found on the Scottish Building Standards' website: