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JLL reduces its energy use across its estate by 38 percent

A year on from the firm’s public launch of its ‘Building for Tomorrow’ sustainability strategy


A year on from the public launch of JLL’s UK sustainability strategy, the firm can reveal that it has reduced its energy use by 38 percent per employee against a 2012 baseline. This figure is well above the 10 percent target JLL has set itself globally. 

The sustainability agenda, under the umbrella name Building for Tomorrow, set out to deliver on 15 sustainability targets across four categories: Clients; Leadership; Communities; and Workplace. Following a performance audit, JLL can disclose that it has met and in some cases, exceeded 80 percent of its 2015 objectives. 

Guy Grainger, Chief Executive Officer, JLL UK, said: “Building for Tomorrow was born from our desire to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Given the fact that buildings account for 35% of global emissions, we have a vital role to play in reducing the environmental impact of our sector. One of our key priorities was to reduce energy use across our UK estate and meet the global target of 10 percent. By implementing an environmental reduction programme across the UK and installing smart metering at a number of our sites to better understand how energy is consumed within our space, we’ve been able to go beyond the global target and reach 38 percent energy reduction per employee. This is a huge achievement and I’m pleased that after only a year, actions really are speaking louder than words.”

Under the premise of Building for Tomorrow, JLL launched a mandatory sustainability training programme to upskill all staff and delivered over 7500 hours of training. Last year alone, JLL advised over 100 clients on sustainability and its Energy Reduction Programme which helped to save clients £1.35 million in energy costs. In addition, JLL’s renewable energy experts advised on 87 projects, with the potential to reduce CO2 by 2.6 million metric tons once completed. The firm also met its target to grow its revenue from sustainability services by over 10 percent. This accounts for JLL services delivered by its Upstream Sustainability, Property & Asset Management, Buildings & Construction and Renewable Energy teams. 

Guy Grainger, added: “While there is still considerable work to be done, with certain objectives still to be met, it is clear that we going in the right direction when it comes to our environmental and social ambitions. For instance, over 80 percent of our UK staff took part in our bespoke sustainability training last year, we partnered with 17 key industry initiatives and grew our in house diversity and inclusion groups such as our LGBT network, Building Pride and our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic network, Race for Change.  In terms of our communities, 600 staff volunteering days were undertaken in 2015 compared to just 407 days in 2014 while last year JLL invested around £650,000 into community initiatives compared to £450,000 in 2014.”

Commenting on JLL’s future plans, Sophie Walker, Head of Sustainability UK, JLL, said: “We have made great strides in achieving our 2015 targets; however, we have yet to achieve a permanent change in the way we do business. Every day we give advice to people about buildings so we are in a unique position to have a major influence on business decisions. This year, I want us to really take advantage of this and get to a point where every transaction, every building we manage or build, and every piece of advice we give to clients, genuinely evaluates how we make buildings healthier and better connected with our communities and the natural environment. To do this, we have set a total of 17 sustainability targets spanning across the same four categories in 2016”.  

To view the full list of JLL’s 2016 sustainability targets and 2015 achievements please click here.