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Jones Lang LaSalle Houseview Budget 2013 – Julie Hirigoyen, Director of Upstream Sustainability at Jones Lang LaSalle

London, 20 March 2013 -  Commenting on the 2013 Budget, Julie Hirigoyen, Director of Upstream Sustainability at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: “It looks as though the housebuilding industry may finally get clarity sometime this Summer on which ‘allowable solutions’ will be permitted to achieve zero Carbon homes by 2016. This is positive, and we will await the detailed plan promised by the Chancellor in today’s Budget with baited breath. Nevertheless, we remain concerned about the lack of clarity over the same rules for new non-domestic buildings, which are expected to be zero Carbon by 2019. Many of Jones Lang LaSalle’s investor and occupier clients have pipelines of new development and construction projects that span the next decade. It is imperative that they should have transparent and clear guidance on which standards such schemes are expected to achieve and how as soon as possible.”

Julie Hirigoyen concluded: “More generally, this Budget maintains the Government’s commitment to increasing the proportion of revenue derived from environmental taxes. But this is nothing new, since landfill tax was expected to hit £80 per tonne by April 2014 anyway, and the only commitment to increase the Climate Change Levy is in line with RPI. This is not what we would call ‘groundbreaking’ news for a Government that once labelled itself as ‘the greenest government ever’”.