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National Apprenticeship Week: Apprenticeships in property

​​In National Apprenticeship Week, JLL apprentices talk about their experiences in property and their future career hopes.

Catherine Hamill is a marketing apprentice for Bewonder*. "I realised university wasn't for me and instead was ready to start working knowing I'll be earning whilst also gaining a qualification. I would love a career in property as I've come to realise the opportunities within the industry and how you can branch off into different areas."

Thomas Ruler is an apprentice in the Corporate Estate management team. "The idea of earning and learning is win win. It's a bit of cliché but the opportunities in property really are endless. Being thrown in at the deep end woke me up to the day to day life of full time work."

Jessica Slawson is an apprentice in the Valuation Advisory team. "My job can change from week-to-week. There are so many different careers paths to choose from within the property industry and in my apprenticeship there is a real opportunity to move around and find what job you are good at. I have learnt that it is important to take in all opportunities thrown at you."

Beren Sutton Cleaver is an apprentice in the National Investment team. "I took the apprenticeship route because I'm more of a hands on person and I learn faster by taking part and being involved rather than sitting in a classroom or in a lecture. My standard for the quality of my work has improved, I feel I have become more independent and valued & have realised my potential.  

 Gareth Garnsworthy is an apprentice in the Building Surveying team.  "I decided to take the route of an Apprenticeship as opposed to University because gaining experience while learning is a great way to start a career. Every day of the six months I have been working have been different, and colleagues working here have said the same thing after 10 or 20 years of working. This makes working in such a sustainable field of work more exciting, and a new challenge is always there to be taken on."


Elizabeth Grimley is an apprentice in the City Investment team.  "The apprenticeship route gave me the chance to learn whilst working and I knew it would give me valuable experience and help me decide on my future career. As a business and administration apprentice I have been doing a wide range of duties and my team have been highly supportive in allowing me to shadow what they do and have given me many opportunities that I would not have had at university. I have learnt that I am confident to work in a large team, I like being challenged and I learn from experience and shadowing others.


Remi Akinkunle was an apprentice and has now been taken on as a full time Surveying Executive. "I felt that I needed to set myself apart from my peers and do something different, and the idea of earning whilst I was learning was a no brainer. Since I began my current role I have been exposed to the fantastic opportunities that are available in the property industry and would very much like to capitalise on this.  I have learnt that I am a competent employee, that I learn and absorb the skills and experience of colleagues and that I am in control of my future and how far I want to go."