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News Release


International Women's Day

​On International Women's Day, some of JLL's female staff give their thoughts on the property industry: What led them to work in property and how more women can be encouraged to work in real estate?


​Camilla Kirwan, Associate Director, Valuation Advisory, JLL:

"I like buildings, I like working with people and I wanted a career with good future prospects. I also wanted variety in the work I did, so a career in property was a clear winner. It provides opportunity for all skills and all types of people and I would recommend it to anyone.  I wanted to do my graduate rotation in the City Valuation team because of the scale, scope and speed of the work there and once I qualified, I stayed! I think that transparency is key to ensuring that times change; the more transparent a system the better. We need to keep supporting women in the sector to make sure that they stay and keep moving up."


Katie Kopec, Director, Development Consulting, JLL: 

"After failing to get into University, I got a job in a local firm of commercial property agents and the rest is history. After I graduated at JLL there was no Development team, so I was lucky enough to be able to get it off the ground. I love development because it brings together everything: highest and best use, infrastructure, place making, sports and culture. It has taken longer than I have hoped to get more women into the real estate sector, but I think momentum is now really picking up. I think there is serious intent now as the business logic is so strong."


Jenny Casebourne, Director, Central London Retail, JLL:

"I have always been fascinated with the built environment: my undergraduate degree at the University of Durham was in Geography. This is an industry full of opportunities and great people and I have had a whole lot of fun and learned a huge amount along the way. A key issue is getting women to stay in the industry. What we need to ensure is that women get the same opportunities as men to progress.  I am optimistic that the real estate sector is working seriously to address the gender imbalance and am pleased that at JLL diversity is now an integral part of our business strategy.