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The elephant in the room: Time for hotel industry to tackle Payment Card Industry compliance

Security top of the agenda on day one of the IHIF conference

​IHIF, Berlin, 7th March 2016– JLL’s recently acquired IT consultancy Avenue9 has warned that the industry needs to accelerate Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) security compliance or risk reputational damage and security breaches.

As security is high on the agenda on the first day of the IHIF conference, Avenue9 says that the industry is falling behind on compliance because it is not viewed as a business issue, more of a technical one.

The PCI standards are a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Kevin Edwards, MD of Avenue9, a JLL owned company, commented: “Just because PCI compliance is to do with data security doesn’t mean it should be viewed as anything other than a common sense measure - just like basic health and safety.

“The industry is lagging behind as a whole, and not being adequately protected can lead to reputational damage, lawsuits and fines from credit card companies.”

Avenue9 offers the below advice to hoteliers:

• PCI isn’t expensive: it is about taking a measured approach to understanding risk and non-compliance
• Undertaking a ‘gap assessment’ and a thorough risk assessment is an important inexpensive first step towards compliance

Kevin adds: “PCI compliance has to be accepted as a fundamental part of operating a business; it should not be seen as the elephant in the room.