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Head of UK Research comments on Autumn Statement infrastructure announcements

Commenting on the announcements about infrastructure in today's Autumn Statement, Jon Neale Head of Research at JLL said: "Britain's huge economic potential is often held back by a long-term lack of investment in our infrastructure – both road and rail. Our infrastructure deficit compared to many of our neighbours has become more critical over recent years as population and economic growth have accelerated. London in particular desperately needs continued investment in transport if it is to continue to be one of the most dynamic cities in the western world. Moreover, many of the other major cities in the UK are held back by an overcapacity road network or a lack of a rapid transport system. It also takes far too long to get between our major hubs – for example, between Birmingham and Bristol or Leeds and Manchester. It is a key reason for our low productivity rates compared to many other developed economies."

 "The importance of digital infrastructure needs to be emphasised. It is worrying that more attention has not been paid to boosting broadband speeds and connectivity across the UK. If we are serious about the digital economy, we need to ensure that every part of the UK, particularly our tech hubs, has world-class networks."