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News Release


Ian Cornock, lead director JLL comment

on July 2015 Budget

BIRMINGHAM, 8th July, 2015 - "It's good to hear George Osborne reference the Midlands engine of growth - a clear signal we're moving in the right direction with the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). 

"More than than ever, we have a huge opportunity with the largest combined authority in the UK. We must seize this now if we are to maximise our great economic powerhouse and really put us at the heart of the UK economy for productivity, growth and innovation.

"We need to take control and make sure that, as a region, we have sufficient strategic locations and industrial space for major employers such as JLR.

"Greater Birmingham's record on attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in advanced engineering is tremendous, but for it to continue, there are capacity issues to be addressed. There's a wall of money out there looking for investment opportunities, and we can't afford to miss out. It's essential we have the joined up thinking across the region so we can move forward."