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News Release


JLL Scotland responds to UK Government announcement to scrap the Renewables Obligation for onshore wind

SCOTLAND, 18 June 2015 - Commenting on the decision by the UK Government to end the Renewables Obligation in 2016, David Bell, Director of Planning at JLL said:

"The early closure of the Renewables Obligation is bitterly disappointing news for the UK's renewable industry.  The UK renewables market has always been seen as an attractive investment prospect to the government's historic support. However, this controversial move is likely to damage investor confidence irreparably. It's not just investment that will bear the brunt of this decision. The latest report from the European Commission has projected that the UK is set to fall short of its legally binding 2020 EU renewable energy targets. Early closure of the RO is likely to further hamper the UK's efforts to meet these targets. The decision also flies in the face of Westminster's commitment to support only the most cost effective technologies and those that have public support. We know that onshore wind is the most cost effective renewable technology and, as evidenced by the UK government's own public attitude's tracker, it also enjoys strong public support.

"Today's simultaneous changes to planning policy in England, stating that developments will only be approved if they are in locations identified in Local or Neighbourhood Plans or if they have community backing, simply underlines the hostile political approach to this land use type by the UK Government.  It seems to be a form of 'planning by local plebiscite' which is bad news for what is meant to be an objective and fair planning system."