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News Release


JLL's response to the Queen's Speech 2015

​Commenting on the Queen's Speech in relation to business, devolution and harnessing UK city power, John Duckworth, UK Board Member at JLL said:


"Listening to this Queen's Speech, proposals for how the government intends to increase UK productivity were missing. Think tanks, businesses and politicians of all colours are united in agreeing that this is the best way to bring down the deficit and promote economic growth. This needs to be addressed head on, now."


"Access to a large, skilled workforce is ultimately the main factor behind how businesses choose their location. Creating a Northern Powerhouse will bring our cities closer through new infrastructure and faster transport connections.  It will give cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle the sort of commuter catchment that would attract more world-class companies – helping our northern cities to realise their potential.


"Devolution will bring about winners and losers. The more successful cities will benefit from a co-ordinated pro-business approach, encompassing the local council, business community and higher educational institutions.  Cities that can develop these integrated strategies, through strong leadership, and encourage economic growth via knowledge intensive sectors or business clusters will be best placed to sustain long term success."