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JLL's head of UK Retail comments on latest figures from M&S

Commenting on the release of today's profit figures from M&S, Tim Vallance, Head of JLL's UK Retail and Leisure team, said: "A better integration of the physical and virtual retail worlds lies behind the profit rise for M&S. Investing in their online platform and store modernisation has paid dividends. In terms of property, M&S stores are very well located. This can't fail to help boost sales at a time when consumer confidence is rising.

"While clothes sales were below expectations, the firm is in a good position to really improve this and come out as a lead player in the clothing market. They have the advantage of not being shoe-horned into any particular price level and have wide market appeal. Also, while the supermarket war rages on, the big four will become more pre-occupied with their core food offering which means there will be room for challenge to their positions as top UK fashion and grocery retailers."