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Vehicle repair firm Halo ARC gives go-ahead to JLL to speed up expansion programme

Leading property consultancy JLL instructed to acquire 20 units for Halo over the next year

SOUTHAMPTON, April 9 2015 – The Southampton office of leading property consultancy JLL has been instructed to secure 20 units on behalf of vehicle repair firm Halo ARC over the next 12 months as part of its rapid expansion programme. 

HaloJLL Southampton has already secured three units across the UK on behalf of Halo with the latest new branch opening its doors in Crewe earlier this year, bringing the firm’s total number of sites to six. 

Halo recently took 6,987 sq ft of space at Orion Park in Crewe in the deal, which was brokered by JLL. 

Nella Pang, associate director in JLL’s Southampton office, who is heading up the expansion programme, said: “We were originally (in May 2014) instructed by Halo to acquire 20 units over a two-year period and pushed ahead with this remit, with three units acquired to date.  

“However, we have now been given the go-ahead to speed up the programme by acquiring a further 20 units over the next 12 months. It is excellent to see Halo push forward with its ambitious expansion strategy and their move to expedite the acquisition programme is illustrative of a continued improvement in business confidence in the wider marketplace.

“JLL has the resources required throughout the UK to assist Halo in meeting their business objectives.” 

Halo is considering locations across the UK with lettings their preferred choice. Negotiations are currently taking place in Gloucester. Redditch, Wigan, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Rugby, Telford are among the other key locations Halo is considering. 

Bradley Hanson, director of innovation at Halo, said: “The quality of our very modern premises, the way in which we communicate with customers and the new methods we have to reduce on-site time for all types of repairs means that we have a genuinely unique offer in the marketplace. 

“It’s time that the repair industry led the way in satisfying customer and insurer needs and we are very pleased to be at the forefront of that trend and partnering with JLL to help us reach our goals.”

Last year, in a deal brokered by JLL and Jenkins Best, Halo took 6,465 sq ft at Tolven Court in Ocean Park, Cardiff. This followed the opening of sites in Leeds last summer and Westbury in September 2013.