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Budget 2015 –  Comment from Ian Cornock, Lead Director of the Midlands

​Ian Cornock, lead director for JLL in the Midlands said he welcomed the chancellor's commitment to enterprise and addressing the needs for greater investment in skills and training, encouraging apprenticeships and his commitment to devolution.

"2015 is the year of the regions for growth and investment. If Greater Birmingham is to compete with other core cities, we have to have the skills to attract growth industries such as creative, digital and life science sectors as well as maintaining our manufacturing strength. I therefore welcome George Osbourne's commitment to skills and training and encouraging more apprenticeships.

"The Midlands is already proving it's might, having outpaced the UK average for employment growth in 2014 and as the chancellor said creating a new job every 10 minutes. If we are to continue this momentum, we need to work smarter as a city and region to help businesses build growth through the quality of labour available. This will inturn spur greater economic growth and create a stronger case for devolution and as the chancellor once again reiterated his door is open for discussion."