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​Freehold and JLL event raises £1,500 for Albert Kennedy Trust

REAL ESTATE LGBT NETWORKING GROUP and JLL join forces to raise vital charity funds

​London, 2nd February 2015- JLL and real estate networking group Freehold joined forces last Thursday night to raise £1500 for the Albert Kennedy Trust.

The Albert Kennedy Trust supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans homeless young people in crisis, providing housing, support, advocacy and mentoring services. Freehold is the leading networking forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender professionals working within the real estate sector.

The event was held at JLL’s Warwick Street offices and was introduced by JLL UK CEO Guy Grainger, and JLL Director and Freehold Board member Ollie Saunders. Comedian and Entrepreneur Julia Street was MC for the evening and the Albert Kennedy Trust was represented by Hugh Wright.

Ollie Saunders, Director at JLL, commented: “The Albert Kennedy trust is a charity close to JLL’s and Freehold’s heart. It deals with the consequences of young and vulnerable members of the LGBT community not having the comfort of a safe four walls and we are delighted that we were able to raise £1500 for this fantastic cause. JLL has rounded this figure up to £2000 which will fund 130 nights off the street. Freehold has more than 650 members which shows that there a significant number of LGBT people in the property industry – to put it into context, if the group formed a property services firm we would be the eight largest in the UK”.

“It was encouraging that JLL UK CEO Guy Grainger spoke about his commitment and determination to create an open and dynamic property profession. It makes business sense to ensure that the industry is reaching out to under- represented groups like the LGBT community and doing all it can to retain talent from a cross section of society will make property an even more vibrant, innovative and exciting industry to work in. The real change that is happening in the real estate industry will only continue with the continued commitment of our straight allies who lead the industry”