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JLL comments on the role of workplace and housing infrastructure in creating ‘A better off Britain’

JLL at CBI conference to talk about the role of property and business in creating ‘growth for all’

CBI CONFERENCE LONDON -  Commenting on the CBI’s annual conference report, ‘A better off Britain’ Guy Grainger, UK CEO at JLL said: “Businesses now recognise that a dynamic workplace is not only cost effective by improving productivity but can also more closely reflect the culture and values of a dynamic business by attracting retaining the best talent. It is no longer a perk but an expectation that employers provide collaborative, flexible working, fresh food, coffee, bike storage and fitness facilities. The previous generation might not have been interested but the next generation is.

“Our senior leaders at JLL are seeing how property and workplace can influence business performance which will directly contribute to economic growth for UK and employee satisfaction. When we talk to leaders of business nowadays they do not want our knowledge on how many people we can squeeze into buildings, they want our knowledge on how to improve the working environment to be more productive, differentiate and attract the best talent.

“We want our staff to be “wowed” and feel encouraged and motivated in our workspace. By investing in our offices throughout the UK and by being flexible and forward-thinking, we will get the best out of our work-force and retain the most talented people. We are spending more time and money than ever on training initiatives and a variety of working styles at all levels to encourage a more flexible approach that suits the individuals.”

On addressing the skills gap, Guy Grainger added: “Business can help ensure that more of UK society takes a share in economic growth by widening the talent pool from which we recruit and forging more links with schools so children are aware of the range of careers open to them from a young age. From a business perspective nobody wants to miss out on potential new talent simply because they are not aware of the benefits of a career in property, finance or professional services.”

John Duckworth, responsible for JLL UK Occupier Services added: “Workplace productivity is often measured in cost-per-square-foot and doesn’t account for other contributions to business performance. Cost is an important factor, but a better workplace productivity metric to use when determining the cost benefit ratio is the measurement of contribution to business performance. In a recent JLL survey on this topic, 74% of respondents believed that thinking, talking and brainstorming activities create the most value for their companies as a result of the innovations and ideas that can be generated. However, the survey also revealed that only 24% of respondents spend the majority of their time carrying out these activities and that e-mails, phone calls and formal meetings take priority in their traditional working environments. Many office environments are simply not equipped to facilitate the required balance of both focused and collaborative work which can jeopardise and inhibit the development of new products and services and in turn productivity.”

Adam Challis, Head of JLL UK Residential Research commented: “Increasing the rate of housebuilding will not only provide more homes to meet growing need, but also provide a boost to the UK economy. Government has demonstrated cross-party support through a surfeit of new policy ideas to drive supply. However, we need to ensure that these proposals represent a long-term shift in the resilience of the construction industry to maintain higher rates of activity.

“Enabling infrastructure investment and release of public land has to align with improvements in skills and training for this workforce. We are also particularly interested to see an expanded layer of support for SMEs and opening up opportunities for private sector investment into affordable housing. Higher rates of supply will not be sustainable without long-term thinking baked in to future programmes.”

Senior JLL business leaders will be in attendance at the CBI conference on Monday 10th November to talk about the role of the property industry in creating sustainable economic growth. For further information and to arrange interviews and comment, please use the press office contacts below:

Felicity Young: +44 (0)7976 323151

Lauren Keith: +44 (0)7711 469568