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News Release


Tétris achieves Gold and Silver SKA Rating for key projects

Tétris has achieved Gold and Silver SKA Ratings for three of its key projects.  Xero, is the third Tétris scheme to have achieved Gold, whilst Transport Systems Catapult and Barbican Insurance Group have achieved a Silver rating.

Operated by RICS, SKA is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable fit-outs which was recently featured in the UK Government’s Low Carbon Action Plan.

Commenting on the ratings, Richard Harris, managing director, Tétris, said: “These top SKA ratings are a great achievement in line with our Building for Tomorrow campaign and demonstrate that we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously whilst constant striving to further our sustainability credentials.  It is estimated that 11% of UK construction spending goes towards interior fit-outs with the average building’s lifecycle seeing between 30 and 40 refits taking place.  The environmental implications of this are significant and cannot be ignored.”


About SKA

The SKA scheme covers over one hundred ‘good practice’ measures, which are categorised into eight sustainability issues:
• energy
• CO2 emissions
• Waste
• Water
• Materials
• Pollution
• Wellbeing
• Transport
In addition to this, SKA uses a concept known as gateway measures. This ensures the most effective measures are employed in order to achieve a high rating.  In order to obtain a Gold rating, 75% of the good practice measures must be achieved. 25% of which must be within the top ranked gateway measures.

In order to obtain a silver rating, 50% of the good practice measures must be achieved.  25% of these must be gateway measures.  Achieving a high rating is beneficial to all and can enhance an office space in a number of different ways from operational and build cost savings to occupier wellbeing, improvements in staff productivity and the promotion of a positive, consistent company image.