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News Release


JLL reveals key accomplishments that contribute to business sustainability over time

Global annual report highlights increased demand from clients, employees and shareholders to integrate sustainability into real estate decisions

Consistent with its commitment to best practice reporting and transparency JLL (NYSE:JLL) has released its 2013 sustainability report, “We are JLL. We take responsibility” which highlights an increased demand from clients, employees and shareholders to integrate sustainability into real estate decisions.

The report presents a summary of JLL’s performance against its highest-priority sustainability areas: energy and resources; green buildings; client service excellence; community and supply chain; and workplace, well-being and diversity. JLL’s approach is consistent with guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines, the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) <IR> Framework and the United Nations Global Compact.

Colin Dyer, JLL Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are helping our clients and ourselves realise the value of a responsible business. We hold ourselves accountable for the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business. Looking to the future, we will continue to work to maintain our reputation as a sustainable enterprise, a company that is trusted and relied upon by all of our stakeholders.”

Julie Hirigoyen, Head of Sustainability at JLL UK, added: “The business case for JLL to take its social and environmental responsibilities seriously is particularly strong in the UK, where regulation, market drivers and client demand are all pushing us in the same direction. Our UK approach spans activities related to Leadership, Clients, Workplace, and Communities, with a significant emphasis on staff education and awareness.”

JLL’s report highlights five focus areas:

Energy and resources:

• JLL has helped avert around 18,000 metric tons CO2e by advising clients on renewable energy projects
• JLL’s total carbon footprint is around 4,500 metric tons CO2e in the UK. For JLL’s UK offices, this equates to 1.0 metric tons CO2e per employee

• Ahead of JLL’s global targets, GHG emissions per employee has been reduced by 7% in JLL’s offices worldwide.


Green buildings:

• In the UK, JLL has 3 offices with a green building certificate
• JLL’s advice helped clients achieve 76 green building certifications across the globe covering 481,200 m2 .
• Globally, there are over 1,400 energy and sustainability accredited professionals at JLL

Client service excellence:

• JLL took part in 47 sustainability initiatives worldwide with the UK’s Better Buildings Partnership as just one example
• JLL appeared on the Ethisphere Institute ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’ list for the seventh consecutive year in 2014

Community and supply chain:

• Global employees at JLL volunteered more than 2,800 days to support charitable causes, up significantly from 2012. The UK contributed 494 of these days
• Locally, JLL spent around 263,900 GBP in corporate charitable donations
• In 2012, JLL spent more than $1.5b for managed client properties, providing a significant opportunity to influence supply chains worldwide

Workplace, well-being and diversity:

• In the UK, JLLrecorded 11 health and safety initiatives and 7 diversity and inclusion initiatives in JLL’s offices
• Across JLL globally, 34% of total employees and 26% of Directors were women
• EMEA spent around $330 per employee for staff training and development