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JLL’s sponsored athlete Geraint Thomas selected for Tour De France

Twice Olympic Gold medallist writes his first blog for JLL

To start my first blog for JLL I’d like to take this opportunity to say that it’s really great to be on board and I’m really looking forward to getting involved, having a chance to meet with many of you across the UK business and learning more about the property industry.
This year has been pretty flat out - as always! It started nice and early when I flew out to Australia for the Tour Down Under on 29th December, and from then until 20th April I was away racing or on training camps.
I’ve had my fair share of crashes, thankfully none too serious, and was able to get some decent results in the process. In particular, my two top ten finishes in Flanders and Paris-Roubaix.  I had a nice two week break after the first part of the season was done, although I wasn’t completely off the bike; it was more of mental break, where I ate and drank whatever I felt like. My fiancée Sara and I had a ‘city break’ (as she likes to call it) in Amsterdam for a few days, before heading off for a weekend to Centre Parcs with her family and our dog Blanche. It was good to do a few different sports and totally relax off the bike, and more importantly, I discovered that I’m a demon on the squash court!
After my break it was back on the strict regime in the build up to the Tour, and I started to regret those few of the bottles of wines and burgers that were consumed the previous week!
In races like the Dauphine and the Tour de France, power to weight is a lot more important as there is a lot more climbing involved than the early season races. This means trying to drop an extra 2kg from my classics weight, just four or five days after my break - difficult work while you’re also training hard! Fortunately things have been going really well, both weight and power wise and I should be lining up in Yorkshire for the start of the Tour. I can’t wait for those first few days! With the way cycling is in the UK, I'm sure we’ll feel like rockstars for a few days. Well…minus the booze, girls and whatever else they get up to! The atmosphere is going to be awesome; London 2012 really captured everyone’s imagination and was great to compete in. I’m sure the Tour will be similar, even if the final of Wimbledon and the British GP are on the same weekend.
One thing I’m hoping for is a less eventful start to the Tour this year. On stage 1 last year I crashed and fractured my pelvis.  It was a stable fracture, meaning it wouldn't get worse if I carried on so I was given the go ahead by the team doctor that it was safe to continue.  It was just a case of trying to put up with the pain; a challenge I couldn't refuse!  Fortunately, it improved day by day which certainly helped mentally, and finishing felt like a win in itself. To do it in a team that won the Tour was incredible, and hopefully this year will bring a similar result!
Geraint Thomas MBE
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Geraint is pictured with JLL UK Chief Executive Guy Grainger​