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Queens Speech: JLL’s Sustainability team respond to zero carbon standard for new homes from 2016

London, 4th June 2014 – Responding to the Queens Speech this morning which set out the government’s commitment to implementing a zero carbon standard for new homes from 2016, Sinead Burke, senior consultant in Upstream Sustainability at JLL, said: “I welcome the government’s continued commitment to zero carbon homes. It was refreshing to see that the Allowable Solutions framework was mentioned as it is critical in offering a pragmatic route to achieving zero carbon in the most economically effective manner.  The UK has a long way to go in meeting its carbon targets, and the most effective strategies must be prioritised within this overall goal.”
“Of some concern is the news that small developments under 50 units may be exempt, though this will be consulted on further.  Developments under 50 units constitute 16% of the UK’s housing supply so this provision would affect a substantial proportion of the market.  The announcement of provisions to encourage small builders is to be welcomed as another initiative towards alleviating the shortage of housing supply, but this will also have the effect of increasing the number of developments not subject to the Allowable Solutions framework.  While this may undermine its effectiveness, perhaps more critically it may encourage greater “phasing” of developments into small parcels and inadvertently slow down supply.”  
Julie Hirigoyen, head of Sustainability at JLL, added: “The move to bolster investment in much needed infrastructure and to enhance the UK’s energy independence is welcomed. I would hope that some of this will increase renewable energy generation, although we call for caution around the potentially adverse environmental impacts of shale gas extraction. We also welcome reforms to the planning law, as long as these put sustainable development at the heart of planning decision-making, particularly locating development with a view to preventing flood risk and boosting socio-economic wellbeing.
“Additionally, I was pleased to see the reduction of waste featuring in the Queens Speech with a focus on taxing the use of plastic carrier bags. Such policies should achieve the combined objectives of reducing waste production and tidying up our streets.” ​