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More companies are actively seeking improved sustainability performance

JLL’s new white paper identifies four key stages in the corporate sustainability journey

London, 27th May 2014  - Companies actively seeking to improve sustainability performance need to ensure their corporate real estate (CRE) team is aligned with, and able to deliver, their priority sustainability objectives.
JLL’s new thought leadership paper, ‘Real Estate at the Heart of Sustainable Business’, outlines the four key stages in a company’s corporate sustainability journey. From those at the early stage of compliance and defensive risk management, to those that have realised commercial advantages and new revenue opportunities from embedding sustainability principles into every aspect of their business. The paper also provides practical guidelines for CRE teams to support the overall sustainability objectives of the business, as well as the implications for each of the four stages.
The Journey – Stages One to Four
Stage one companies starting out on their corporate sustainability journey are looking to understand and manage the legal, tax and insurance implications, stemming from material, environmental and social risks, and ensure that they are complying with key pieces of legislation. 
Second stage organisations are looking to make continual improvements to their sustainability performance, and maximising efficiencies in their existing business operations; ensuring they are occupying space efficiently, setting carbon and waste reduction goals and seeking to make major improvements in energy efficiency and supplier responsibility. 
Stage three businesses have usually prioritised sustainability for a number of years, and are now realising the commercial benefits of their investment.  They are committed to embedding measures that directly impact business revenues from existing products and services while making the most of new business opportunities. 
Achieving the fourth and final stage is extremely rare and very few companies aspire to it.  It involves transforming business models towards sustainable products and services, with business operations generating real and measurable improvements to both the environment and society. 
JLL takes the view that the majority of corporates are still at either the Comply and De-risk or Improve stages of the corporate sustainability journey, and those wishing to derive commercial benefits from truly embedding sustainability will need to put CRE at the heart of that pursuit. CRE is uniquely positioned to deliver both the cultural and operational changes required to truly embed sustainability within a business’s DNA.​