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News Release


Jones Lang LaSalle survey shows hints of economic recovery

New survey results from Jones Lang LaSalle show that there has been a sea change in Investor sentiment in commercial real estate.

Jones Lang LaSalle's Q2 2009 UK Real Estate Investor Confidence Survey highlights are as follows:

Investor confidence in their future prospects has improved abruptly since March 2009

The outlook for total returns in 2009 has also strengthened in the last 3 months

Interestingly 70% of employers expected no change in their workforce, a similar level to the previous quarter

Julian Stocks, Managing Director Markets commented: "This change in sentiment is echoed in our investment teams’ activity, especially in London, but also across the UK. We have seen a slight inward yield shift for prime stock over the last 2 months, although the occupational markets are still very weak."

Paul Guest. Director of Research at Jones Lang LaSalle added: "This is an early signal of a turn in the market. It is our view however that it is the start of a long process of recovery rather than the herald of a steep rebound."