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Prospect House in London scoops BBP Building Improvement Award

London, 1st July 2009 – Hermes Real Estate has scooped this year’s BBP Building Improvement Award for Prospect House, (located on 80-110 Oxford Street, London) as a result of work undertaken by managing agent, Jones Lang LaSalle and its Upstream Sustainability Services team alongside NBC Universal, the building’s main occupier.
Commenting on the award success, Tatiana Bosteels, Head of Responsible Property Investment at Hermes Real Estate said: ‘Prospect House’s Responsible Property Management programme focused on implementing sustainable technologies and management strategies jointly within an active occupier partnership.  Jones Lang LaSalle has worked closely with the occupiers of Prospect House to implement appropriate sustainability measures to achieve these requirements.”
During 2008, Prospect House’s carbon emissions were reduced by almost 15%, water use by 18% and it has completely overhauled its waste management system, ensuring that no waste is sent directly to landfill.  The building’s performance reinforces continuous improvement since 2006 and follows a 9% carbon emissions reduction in 2007. 
Other sustainability measures taken at Prospect House include: a ‘live’ Environmental log book which is regularly updated to establish Prospect House’s energy and sustainability management progress; water and waste awareness campaigns and audits; occupier engagement through a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme implemented at NBC Universal; and community engagement such as the Thames 21 river clean-up in August 2008.
Greg Tytherleigh, Associate Director at Jones Lang LaSalle said: “It is not sufficient to simply install sustainable fixtures and fittings, introduce recycling points and assume that utilities savings and waste reduction will be immediate.  Ensuring the behavioural change of occupiers is crucial to the success of sustainability measures.  We work to ensure that the occupiers of Prospect House are aware of the implications of the new technologies and importance of utilities saving through reduced consumption, for example by holding energy weeks and water awareness campaigns, which have been proven to positively influence the changes taking place within occupiers work environment.”
Jones Lang LaSalle also won an award for the work undertaken on Prospect House at Hermes' 15th Annual RPI Awards in November 2008 in the Community and Environment: Best Commercial Property category.