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Jones Lang LaSalle team member returns from helping African community

London, 8th September - Jones Lang LaSalle Sustainability Services team member Philip Edgington has returned from a volunterring trip to Mozambique where he assisted with the installation of a water point for the local community in the city of Beira. 
Philip was in Mozambique for two weeks at the end of August with global action charity, Oasis and was a member of a six-person team from the UK which assisted with the water project. The team raised in excess of £1,300 the cost for installing the water taps and also spent time making friends with the local children helping to educate them about general hygiene and healthy eating.
One of the major issues affecting many of the Beira community is that of limited or no access to a reliable water source.  As a solution to this problem, Oasis has developed a project to help churches install a running water source in their communities enabling around 80 families access to water.   Previously, 1,000 community members had to share one water tap but thanks to Philip and his other Oasis team members, the newly installed water tap will halve this number.
Commenting on his challenge, Philip said; “My volunteering experience has helped to provide me with a better understanding of other cultures and a wider understanding of the world. Most importantly, I want to put into practice what we preach here at Upstream and really help make a positive difference.”
Julie Hirigoyen, Director at Jones Lang LaSalle said “We fully support Philip's Oasis project and feel proud of his dedication and commitment.  Indeed, as a team, we actively encourage all our staff to volunteer and help benefit the local and global community in a tangible way."