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News Release


Jones Lang LaSalle announces its media spokespeople attending MIPIM 2010

Jones Lang LaSalle has announced that the following spokespeople will be attending MIPIM 2010.

To arrange media interviews please contact: Madeleine Little +44 (0)7809 596 921 or Cathrine Harrison or +44 (0)7860 937 795. Or visit us the Palais at Stand 20.02 or at the Jones Lang LaSalle’s marquee at Hotel Gray d'Albion's Private Beach, La Croisette, Cannes.


Christian Ulbrich (CEO, EMEA)

Pan-European – Capital Markets

Richard Bloxam (Director, European Retail Capital Markets)

Jeremy Eddy (Director, European Retail Capital Markets)

Chris Staveley (Director, Head of Pan-European Office and Industrial Capital Markets)

Pan-European – Occupier

Shelley Frost (Director, EMEA Corporate Solutions)

Pan European – Real Estate Work-out

Richard Stanley (Head of Real Estate Work-out);

Pan European – Retail Agency

James Dolphin (Head of EMEA Retail Agency);

International Capital Group

Steve Collins (Director, US)

Fadi Moussalli (Director, UAE)

Corporate Finance, UK

Tony Edgley (Managing Director, Corporate Finance)

Matt Richards (Director, Corporate Capital Markets)

Julian Schiller (Director, Head of Indirect Investment)

Pan EMEA Research

Paul Guest (Head of EMEA Research)

Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels

Arthur de Haast (CEO Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, Global)


Vincent Querton (Managing Director, Belgium)

Norbert Muller (Head of Capital Markets, Belgium)

Central & Eastern Europe

Tomasz Trzoslo (Head of Capital Markets, Central and Eastern Europe)

George Lewis (Head of Capital Markets, Czech Republic)

Troy Javaher (Head of Capital Markets, Romania)

Benjamin Perez-Ellischewitz, (Associate Director Capital Markets, Hungary)


Tapani Piri (Managing Director, Finland)


Benoit du Passage (Managing Director, France)

Stephan von Barczy (Head of Capital Markets, France)

Jacques Bagge (Head of Leasing France)


Andreas Quint (CEO, Germany)

Marcus Lemli (Head of Leasing and Capital Markets, Germany)

Markus Reinert (Head of Management & Advisory Services, Germany)

Jörg Ritter (Head of Retail Capital Markets, Germany)

Ferdinand Rock ( Head of Office Leasing, Germany)


Patrick Parkinson (Head of Capital Markets, Italy)

Pierre Marin (Head of Office Agency, Italy)


Olivier Bastin (Managing Director, Luxembourg)

The Netherlands

Eric de Clercq Zubli (Head of Capital Markets, Netherlands)

Marijn Snijders (Chairman, Netherlands)


Charlotte Strömberg (Managing Director, Nordics)

Daniel Gorosch (Head of Capital Markets, Sweden)

Karl Persson (Regional manager Western and Southern Sweden)


Manuel Puig (Managing Director, Portugal)


Charles Boudet (Managing Director, Russia)

Andrey Postnikov (Director, Corporate Solutions, Russia)


Andrés Escarpenter (Managing Director, Spain)


Alan Robertson (Managing Director, Turkey)

Kivanc Erman (Capital Markets & Advisory,Turkey);


Andrew Gould (Chief Executive, England)

Andrew Hynard (Chairman, England)

Richard Angliss, (Head of Investor Property Management, England)

Sam Boreham, (Director, City Agency, England)

Chris Brett (Director, International Desk, London)

Bob Dyson (Development Director/Chairman, North West)

Chris Hiatt (Chairman, National Office Agency, England)

James Morris (Head of Project & Development Services, England)

David Raven (Director, Retail Investment, England)

Andrew Renshaw, (Head of Professional Advisory Group UK, England)

Julian Stocks, (Managing Director, Markets Group, England)