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Comment from Jones Lang LaSalle on new Government coalition

From Bruce Hartley-Raven, director in Jones Lang LaSalle's Planning team

Commenting on the new Government coalition in relation to the Planning system, Bruce Hartley-Raven, director in Jones Lang LaSalle's Planning team, said: "Despite the apparent manifesto differences on a range of policy issues, the two parties' approach to the planning system is relatively well aligned. Common ground includes: no third runway at Heathrow; abolition of the Infrastructure Planning Commission and regional planning tier; housing requirements to be established at the local level; and support for new green infrastructure initiatives including some form of national infrastructure bank."
Bruce continued: "There are differences between the parties on issues including: nuclear power; third-party rights of appeal; a competition test for retail development; 'garden grabbing' development; and a separate use-class for second homes.
"Assuming the manoeuvrings of the last few days have not significantly changed this position, many will see the most urgent tasks for the new coalition Government as establishing the mechanisms for promoting and encouraging house building at the local level (coupled with a review of local authority financing), the approach to new power generating infrastructure, transport policy, and bringing forward new green initiatives for addressing the limitations of the existing residential building stock as opposed to new-build."