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News Release


Jones Lang LaSalle lends support to Heathrow Core Land Strategy proposals

London, 7th July 2010 –Jones Lang LaSalle’s Western Corridor team lends its full support to the Heathrow Core Land Strategy.  The Strategy is set out for consultation until 30th July and identifies key areas for employment growth and residential development. 

Guy Parkes, Head of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Western Corridor Office, said: “This region is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and the continued emphasis on offices and hotel development within the proposed core strategy sits well with occupier demand in an area which is home to some of the world’s best known companies and brands. The Hillingdon area has some of the best support infrastructure for business with its excellent road, rail and international air connections. The proposed strategy will enable the region to evolve to the next level. Recent lettings on Stockley Park reinforce the attraction of this district for business with Celgene signing up for 75,000 sq ft, BP extending their leases and prompting investors to look at pressing ahead with the third phase of Stockley Park.”

Recognised as a European destination, Stockley Park and Heathrow is already home to global brands such as M&S, Apple, BP and GSK

Other important aspects of the Strategy document are as follows:
  • A positive endorsement of growth around Heathrow, hotel development to be encouraged with a minimum of 3,800 additional bed spaces
  • Hayes and West Drayton Centres and the Corridor between particularly indentified for commercial uses
  • Opportunity for further office and hotel development at Stockley Park to generate 5,000 new jobs
  • Growth encouraged at ProLogis Logistic Park and Odyssey Business Park
  • Bath Road, Heathrow continues to be promoted as a main employment area
  • Elsewhere up to 17.58 hectares of additional employment/commercial land will be released

Clare Malcomson, Associate Director in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Planning Group, said: “This is a great opportunity for businesses with commercial property holdings in this area to promote their business plans with Hillingdon Council.  This could include plans for growth, relocation or to promote land for higher value development.”