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UK Green Building Council announces new Board of Trustees

London, 29th September 2010 - The UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) today announced its new Board of Trustees, following their election by members at its AGM. The new Board has been established as part of the requirements for registered charity status, which the UK-GBC gained in March this year.

The Trustees are:

Patrick Bellew, Principle, Atelier Ten
Rab Bennetts, Director, Bennetts Associates and CABE Commissioner
James Cameron, Vice Chairman, Climate Change Capital
Mark Clare, Group Chief Executive, Barratt Developments Plc Dr Paul Golby, Chairman and Chief Executive, E.ON UK Plc
Andrew Gould, Chief Executive (English Business), Jones Lang LaSalle Stephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts

They join the existing Trustees, announced earlier this year, who were also formally elected by the members at the AGM:

Dan Labbad, CEO of Lend Lease Europe, Middle East and Africa and Chairman of UK-GBC
Peter Rogers, Director, Stanhope Plc and Deputy Chairman of UK-GBC
Bill Bolsover, Chairman, Aggregate Industries
John Frankiewicz, CEO, Willmott Dixon Capital Works

Dan Labbad, Chairman of the UK Green Building Council said: “When I took on the role of Chairman I said the property and construction industry faced a number of challenges, but none more pressing than sustainability and that the UK Green Building Council was the single most important voice in leveraging the change that we need to see. The new Board of Trustees will consolidate the UK-GBC’s leadership role and bring a wealth of additional knowledge and talent to our mission.”

Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council
“This is a list of seriously heavy-hitters, which shows the importance that the UK built environment sector now attaches to sustainability. This sector is at the forefront of efforts, not only to cut carbon but also to provide jobs, strengthen the economy and improve quality of life for millions of people.”


Notes to editors:

UK-GBC was launched in 2007. Our mission is to dramatically improve the sustainability of the built environment, by radically transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

We are a membership organisation, primarily consisting of businesses from across the industry. Uniquely, we bring together anyone involved in the complex process of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating buildings, along with NGOs, academic institutions and government agencies.

UK-GBC was granted charitable status on 24th March 2010 and formally registered with the Charity Commission. As a result of this change Board members become Trustees as well as Directors of the company. Last year the Memorandum & Articles of Association were amended to make them fit for purpose for a charity, and provision was made to establish a Board that appropriately reflects the breadth of the membership.

The new Board of Trustees was confirmed by a vote of the membership at the UK-GBC AGM today, 29th September, which was held at Sainsbury’s headquarters in London.

UK-GBC is registered in England and Wales, No1029239, Charity No 1135153.

Read the biographies here:

Quotes from new Trustees:

Patrick Bellew, Principle, Atelier Ten, said: “The UK-GBC has become the most recognised instrument of change in the UK construction industry. As we move into this next stage of evolution with the formation of the new Trustee board our challenge is how to mobilise the enormous talent and ingenuity within the industry to turn this movement into the revolution that is needed to create a sustainable built environment for the future. Sound technical knowledge is at the heart of what UK-GBC do and I hope I can help to reflect that on the Board.”

Rab Bennetts, Director, Bennetts Associates and CABE Commissioner: “Having helped to get the UK-GBC off the ground three years ago, I have sat on its Advisory Board since the early days and am delighted to take on the role of Trustee now it has obtained charitable status. The UK-GBC’s central role as a forum for ideas, policies and information is now more important than ever and, as an architect on the Board, I will continue to stress the importance of thoughtful, integrated design as one of the preconditions for a much more sustainable future.”

James Cameron, Vice Chairman, Climate Change Capital: “The built environment contributes over 40% of UK annual carbon emissions and is therefore a natural target for policy makers seeking to reduce carbon. If every building in the UK was to improve its energy efficiency by 50% - as Climate Change Capital has done with our property in Birmingham - this action alone would help Britain knock 20% off its 80% emission target, saving millions of pounds in the process.  I am delighted to be given the opportunity to support the UK-GBC and help drive this manifesto.”

Mark Clare, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments PLC, said: “Barratt was a founder member of the UK Green Building Council and I am delighted to be joining the Board of Trustees. The Government's low carbon targets will require major changes in the way housebuilders build homes in the years ahead and we see competitive advantage in being at the forefront of this agenda.”

Dr Paul Golby, chief executive of E.ON UK, said: “Our joint aims of lowering energy bills and reducing our impact on the planet require us to think differently about energy - from both sides of the meter for the first time.  Just as we as a company are changing the way we generate energy, we need to provide people with the tools they need to ensure they can heat, power and light their homes efficiently – whether new builds or traditional two up-two downs modified for our carbon conscious world. I look forward to working with my new Board colleagues as the UK-GBC team continues to spread this vital message.”

Andrew Gould, Chief Executive English Business, Jones Lang LaSalle: “I am really pleased to be asked to join the Board of Trustees - as real estate service providers we see the challenge of energy and sustainability as being the toughest facing our industry and one where we can really make a difference. We were founder members of UK-GBC and the organisation has made huge strides towards a greener real estate sector in this country. I am glad to be able to contribute to the next step forward.”

Stephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive, Wildlife Trusts, said: “In terms of ensuring wildlife is taken into consideration throughout the development process, The Wildlife Trusts understand that working in partnership with the building industry is a key way forward.  It’s invaluable, therefore, to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of our natural environment within the Council. Promoting sustainability within all sectors is also a key aim of The Wildlife Trusts, so it is with pleasure I join my fellow board members in helping to forge a green future for the UK building industry.”