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Should Corporate Real Estate Have its Head in the Clouds?

Jones Lang LaSalle assesses the impact of cloud computing

London, 27th October 2010 – According to Jones Lang LaSalle, an imminent and fundamental shift in computing will impact corporate real estate by reducing demand for space and driving workplace change.  David Willcocks, Director in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Data Centres Group, said: “Cloud computing is coming and it will revolutionise the manner and location in which we work.  This technology is helping companies improve IT capabilities while driving down costs and energy consumption.”
David continued: “Cloud computing is tapping information and processing resources stored somewhere else – the cloud – using the Internet.  Most cloud services are scalable, enabling a pay-as-you-go system for users.  This means that users with a sudden need for greater capacity can simply increase the level of their cloud service instead of investing in more hardware and software and expanding in-house data centres.”
Jones Lang LaSalle’s Data Centre Perspectives paper highlights the steps that CRE (Corporate Real Estate) executives can take to prepare for the cloud computing wave.  These are as follows:
Partner with IT to create greater cost savings – work to understand how the IT team’s decision aligns with the business and impacts the corporate real estate strategy. 

Consider how cloud computing can actually speed the access to information and enable and increase mobility for employees.

Reflect on the type of cloud the organisation should employ – varieties of cloud computing range from public services that anyone can access to private clouds that offer customised applications, increased security and reliability to users.

David Willcocks concluded: “It is imperative for CRE teams to keep informed of shifts in technology and collaborate with their IT partners to understand the implications and realise the opportunities for real estate.  In the long run, it will help position you as a strategic partner and demonstrate real value to your organisation.”