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Edinburgh and Glasgow Property Market Seminars 2014

Urban Europe: Understanding how UK cities compete

Edinburgh and Glasgow

JLL's recent Scottish seminars, held in Glasgow and Edinburgh on Thursday 9th October, brought together key real estate decision makers to hear a new piece of JLL research looking at Edinburgh and Glasgow as European property markets and where they fit in the city hierarchy.

Introduced by Mike Buchan in Glasgow and Alasdair Humphery in Edinburgh, Head of UK Research Jon Neale looked at the peer group of Glasgow and Edinburgh -  cities such as Lyon, Barcelona and Stockholm - and asked how they compare in economic prospects as well as examining the current and forecast performance of each property market.  A preview was also given of our piece of research examining the future of business parks.

Headline news

"A comparison across Europe shows that both Edinburgh and Glasgow are well positioned to compete, and that their economies and property markets are likely to flourish over the coming years. However, there are lessons to be learned too; greater investment in infrastructure, in particular, would help both cities gain greater scale and compete for investment alongside other important European cities and capitals."

– Jon Neale, Head of UK Research | Contact | View report

"Our research identified some very interesting parallels to markets around Europe, and in Glasgow's case perhaps the city does not fully realise the scale of the greater Glasgow market and clear opportunities for growth.  With an exceptional public transport network, an identifiable development pipeline, attractive demographics and competitive workforce costs and availability Glasgow is well placed to compete successfully with its peers in a European context."

- Mike Buchan, Lead Director Glasgow | Contact

"With the uncertainty created by the referendum behind us, Edinburgh is now looking positively towards the future. A combination of a growing, young and well educated population bodes well and we see robust inherent strength in traditional service sectors such as finance thanks to significant new arrivals in to the city during the recessionary years. Add this to a growing level of expertise in Biomedical and TMT sectors  and the city will be well positioned for further growth.  Scale might be seen as an issue but so far it has helped the city retain its culture and lifestyle attractions.  Investment into major infrastructure projects such as the new Forth Crossing and the reopened Waverley rail line to the borders should allow capital based employers to flourish."

- Alasdair Humphery, Lead Director Scotland | Contact