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Case Study

CRC Compliance & Advice

CRC compliant & adviceExpertise in Action

With a focus on real estate, our CRC experts have helped close to 30 major landlords and occupiers comply with the CRC, managing the complete process from data collection through to final submission.
  • This involves monitoring over 820,000 tonnes of CO2, or 1.5% of the CRC’s total carbon emissions.
  • It is equivalent to the carbon emitted from 196,522 households and nearly £10 million CRC allowances.

Client in focus

We provide CRC services to one of Europe's largest asset management companies, managing funds worth £141.71bn. Our CRC advice spans:
  • 24 client funds and 7 managing agents.
  • 120,000 megawatt hours or 53,846 tonnes CO2.
  • 24,000 data points from 1,000 meters.
  • 600 man hours collecting and verifying data.
  • 99.7% actual data rather than estimated.
  • Saved 200 tonnes CO2 and £17,000 in CRC Year 2.

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