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Case Study

Helical Bar Plc and Sainsbury's

​​Helical Bar Plc and Sainsbury'sA multi-pronged approach to deliver planning permission and Conservation Area Consent for Helical Bar​.

Appointed by Helical Bar and Sainsbury’s to obtain planning permission for a 9,290sqm (100,000 sq ft) Sainsbury’s supermarket on an out of town centre site and to use the development to maximise housing. Much of the chosen site was former employment land, which raised land user issues and there were concerns regarding adjoining industrial uses. The whole site lay within a conservation area including locally listed buildings, with adjoining two storey residential terraces to the north.​

JLL’s Planning Team used a multipronged approach, coordinating the client’s professional team through the planning stages, early and detailed engagement with both the Borough Council and Greater London Authority, consulting statutory consultees, interest groups and local residents and providing the necessary specialist planning input.​

This approach resulted in the team successfully obtaining detailed planning permission and Conservation Area Consent from London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham for both the new supermarket and for 463 residential units on this prominent riverside, with 14% affordable housing.​​

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